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      Easy Peasy

      You have a fun idea for a new video for your church! Good news- you now have a team of professional video editors eager to begin working on it.

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      Your recording, our editing.

      Recorded Videos

      When a video requires recorded footage, just upload the files using DropBox and we can take over the editing from there.

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      Now that's fancy

      Motion Graphics

      When your video requires motion graphics and animations, we are your team. Sermon intros, promo videos, you name it, you got it.

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      Built to be shared.

      Built to be shared.

      How about custom video clips created to be shared on your social media accounts? Well good news, you can have as many as you want.

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      Series Videos

      Wait, you're telling me that along with custom series graphics, promo and bumper videos are also included? Yes, the answer is yes.

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      Recorded Videos

      So what happens when you need videos edited that you recorded on your camera?

      Oh wait, there is something called DropBox.

      Problem solved!

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      No Limits

      As soon as our video team completes the most recent video for you, sorry to tell you, bye Felicia, you've reached your video limit for the month. No more for you.

      Nah just kidding, keep us busy!

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