The Vibrant Agency is a full service professional website design, social media marketing, and graphic design agency. This document outlines the services packages included by the Vibrant Agency.


All websites designed by The Vibrant Agency must exclusively be used on the Vibrant Agency web hosting servers. Professional web hosting is included in Vibrant Agency websites at no additional charge. Vibrant Agency websites must always remain on the Vibrant Agency web servers, and may not be transferred to a separate hosting platform at any time. Because each site is built using custom code, churches will not be granted admin access the “back-end” of their website, but they will be granted access to their user dashboard in order to make customizations and additions.

Each website can be connected to your own domain name. One of the Vibrant Agency team members will assist you in the connection of your domain name.


Each Pro Church website will be built custom for your church, using WordPress as the CMS. Unlimited updates to the website are included in this package. You will be given the option to have your own podcast, or connect your new site to an existing podcast. Your website will be responsive with mobile and tablet specific sizes.

Revision requests will be completed as soon as possible, depending on the complexity of your request. 


The Vibrant Agency “Unlimited Graphic Design” package is a subscription to unlimited use of the Vibrant Agency graphic design team. Any needs that your church has for branding, logo design, business card designs, flyers, etc is all included an unlimited. 

There is no term commitment with this package, and all graphics created during your subscription are exclusively yours to have and own. Our team will be as prompt as we possibly can with our responses and turn around time. One graphic project per time will be completed for you.


With the Google Grant / SEO service, our team will take over the management of your Google Grant. If you do not already have an active Google Grant, we will assist with the application process. 

Although we can not guarantee specific results with SEO or Google Grant results, we commit to providing excellent service to bring the greatest organic and “paid” traffic to your site. 


With the Social Media Management service, our team will post creative and professionally designed content across your church Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. We will manage a total of 3 social platforms with this service. Each platform will receive frequent native posts. Not each platform will necessarily receive content every single day, as each social media platform responds differently to quantity based content. 

In addition to posting service, the Social Media Management service includes the Vibrant Agency team to manage and set up any paid advertising campaigns you choose to have through Facebook or Instagram. This includes ReMarketing campaigns as well. Your advertising ad-spend budget is in addition to the monthly cost, and can be set at whatever amount you choose. 


No commitments of any kind, you can cancel whenever you want. Canceling your subscription to any of the Vibrant Packages is very easy. All you have to do is let us know of your request to cancel the service before your next billing date. Any requests for cancelation will not include a refund or pro-rated refund of any kind, it will simply mean that you will not receive any further charges. 

Canceling your Vibrant Website Package subscription means that your web- site will no longer be active, and will be deleted from our servers. You will not be able to receive any website files after cancelation. If you later choose to reinstate your website, there is a $250 reinstatement fee which covers the time of our team to re sync your website. Although often times we will not still have your website files, as we do not save all website files. 

You understand and agree that all sales are 100% final and non refundable. If you are unsatisfied in any way with your service or your website, our team will work diligently work to meet your satisfaction. You also understand that sometimes websites have down time, technical malfunctions, malware, or other issues that are non foreseeable and inadvertent. Any such issues do not warrant or receive a refund or a partial refund. 


Your new church website will have e-commerce built in giving / donations ability. Because this e-commerce functionality is native to your website, you will be signed up for an account through the Vibrant Agency giving platform. Standard rates apply of $0.30 per-transaction fee, and a 2.9% gateway fee.


Your website will be built with the ability to have your own online store to sell merchandise directly to customers, and have it drop-shipped to the customer. Your church / ministry will receive 50% of all sales, and will be sent a monthly check for your sales, including a sales receipt. You may also place orders to sell your items directly in your church at the same rate.


Unlimited Video Editing, and Unlimited Graphic Design are services where you can have access to our graphic design and video team through your Project Manager. All projects are done at a 1 at a time basis. You can not work on multiple graphic design or video editing projects at the same time. However, you are not limited to any number of revisions or change requests, nor are you capped at any certain number of graphics per month. The turn around time for projects will vary based on the specific request, however the typical turn around time for graphic design projects is 1-2 business days, and the typical turn around time for video projects is 2-3 business days.