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    Use this form to tell us about your church or ministry, and we will set up a discovery call to discuss which of our Lineup candidates would be available to interview to work for you.

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    Hire your church Communications director.

    Finally, you hired someone who can do it all. Social Media Marketing, Paid Ads, Graphics, Videos, website, and so much more.

    Hire Staff Success Stories
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    "Vibrant Agency has been a pleasure to work with, and my experience has been a truly positive one. They have patiently "coached us" and given us fresh, innovative ideas to improve the reach of our non-profit. I'm deeply indebted to them."

    Jeanne Mayo

    Can we really hire our own Communications Director for our church? curly arrow

    Our lineup is loaded with ministry-minded communication professionals, who have all received deep training and experience.

    Hire Staff

    Can they really do everything that our communications team needs? arrow down left

    Heck yes!
    When you hire your Communications Director from our lineup, they come fully equipped with their own media production team. From graphics, videos, to website and marketing... finally one hire can handle it all.

    Hire Staff
    5 graphics for church sermons

    Are they actually a part of our church staff?arrow down right

    They absolutley are. That is the reason we exist. From weekly staff meetings, daily Slack or Teams meetings, to taking on the full responsibilities of the Communications Department, it’s just like hiring any other staff member.

    Hire Staff

    Do they only work remote? arrow triple down

    The work of a Communications team is almost all specialized computer work and Zoom meetings, unlike most other employees at a church. So your Communications Director will work remote, but is more than willing to have on-site visits frequently.

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    Step 1

    Schedule a discovery phone call to discuss your specific church Communication needs.

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    Step 2

    Select the candidate that you would like to interview, and schedule an official interview.

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    Step 3

    Hire your new staff member, onboard them with your church, and get right to work!

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