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    Madison Castaneda


    Years Experience

    Hey, I’m Madison, a marketing pro with seven-plus years of experience. Beyond my branding expertise, I’m deeply involved in serving at my church alongside my husband. In my spare time, I’m a passionate painter and a devoted foster mom. I bring together strategic marketing skills with a heartfelt dedication to both creativity and building the Kingdom of God.

    Notable Previous Experience

    Harvest World Outreach company logo
    Bella Bella Boutique company logo
    Believers Life Church company logo


    Throughout my upbringing as a pastor’s kid, I was emerged in the culture of church life, which cultivated within me a profound understanding and passion for ministry. These formative experiences have uniquely equipped me and given me a deeper perspective of the ministry. I see myself not simply as an employee, but as a collaborative partner in utilizing marketing to transform your community for the gospel.

    I’ve diligently refined my expertise in content creation, strategic planning, and adeptly leading diverse teams. My professional journey spans not only within church communities but also extends beyond the ministry, exposing me to various work environments. My diverse journey has given me a unique understanding of the everyday person’s perspective. Whether it’s creating content, seeing a campaign through from start to finish, or utilizing videography and photography, these skills aren’t just tools—they’re the way I connect and resonate with people.

    Some highlights from my background include:

    • Creating content plans that connect with diverse church audiences.
    • Successfully orchestrating multifaceted marketing campaigns within tight deadlines, showcasing my adeptness in time management and adaptability.
    • Fostering collaborative environments where creativity, productivity, and mutual support flourish, both as a team player and leader.

    The prospect of utilizing marketing strategies to authentically engage and impact your community for Christ excites me deeply. My proficiency in content creation, organizational finesse, time management, and team leadership is complemented by a strong background in videography, photography, social media management, graphic design, email marketing and more. I believe these visual storytelling skills are instrumental in fostering genuine connections and resonating authentically with your community. I am eager to apply this unique blend of creative and strategic abilities to the Marketing Director role, aligning seamlessly with the demands and aspirations of your team.

    I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate with your church, leveraging innovative social media communication strategies to enrich and elevate your mission and vision.

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    Harvest World Outreach
    Years Worked: 2013 - 2021

    Design & Marketing Director
    – Design and manage graphics.
    – Full social media management.
    – Social media event and service promotion.
    – Coordinate weekly and monthly events and marketing schedules.
    – Volunteer management.

    Zel Design & Photography
    Years Worked: 2017 - 2019

    Digital Marketing Manager
    – Daily / weekly social media content management.
    – Client marketing and branding consultation.
    – Company social media strategy.
    – Graphic design art direction and collaboration.
    – SEO management.
    – Customer relationship management.

    Bella Bella Boutique
    Years Worked: 2021 - 2023

    Marketing Director
    – Directed all yearly marketing campaigns.
    – Managed 5 member staff on communications team.
    – Social media management and direction.
    – Website management.
    – Photoshoot direction and management.
    – Videos and Graphics.

    Believers Life Church
    Years Worked: 2016-2019

    Social Media & Marketing Manager

    Design social media & marketing content to engage target audience

    Photograph weekly service and edit for all social media platforms

    Manage SEO

    Coordinator with chief of staff on upcoming events and promotions


    Hammond Magnet School
    2001 Years

    My Team’s Skills

    This list contains the skills that I can direct and produce using my internal Vibrant Agency media team.

    Social Media
    Photo Editing
    Paid Ads
    Email Marketing

    My Personal Skills

    This is a list of my personal skills and abilities, as ranked by Vibrant Agency.

    Social Media
    Photo Editing
    Paid Ads
    Email Marketing