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    Jeremy Hoekstra

    Grand Rapids, MI

    Years Experience

    My name is Jeremy Hoekstra. I live on the shores of Lake Michigan in a city called Holland, MI. I have been working in church ministry for over 15 years in creative arts, communication, and worship ministry. In my spare time I love visiting the beach, enjoying good food and drink, and spending time with my wife, Allie, and our friends and family.

    Notable Previous Experience

    Harper Collins Publishing company logo
    First Evangelical Covenant Church company logo


    I’m Jeremy Hoekstra and I have had the privilege of serving in churches for over 15 years. I have a passion to communicate the beauty, goodness, and love of Jesus through direct and artistic means. Throughout my career I have navigated through and leveraged all kinds of different ways of communication as technology has been ever evolving. I have helped churches of all sizes develop communication strategies and content to serve the needs of their congregations and their desire to communicate the hope of Jesus to their communities.

    I startedmy ministry career as a Creative Arts Director at a medium size church in Grand Rapids, MI. I was in charge of all things creative, tech, and media related. I created weekly graphics for worship, print, and online communication. I created and curated weekly video for worship and online experiences. I managed the church’s website continuously updating it with video, podcasts, and general church communications. I also planned and led weekly worship overseeing teams of music, tech, and hospitality volunteers.

    I then took a position as a Creative Arts Director at larger church of closer to 3,000 people in Holland, MI. In this director position I worked and managed worship teams, tech teams, and communications teams. I specifically was involved in graphic design, video production, social media communications, and worship ministry. I would produce and create weekly videos to communicate church updates, facilitate worship, and to create an online community as more and more people were participating from home via livestream and on demand worship experiences. I would also oversee larger film productions as bigger events were filmed for online participation. Social media became a core means of communication for the church as well in this season. I would oversee content creation and scheduling to engage with and increase our online community. I would also oversee the tech teams for our in-person gatherings giving direction to communicate clearly, professionally, and artistically through audio/visual means. Finally, I would participate in planning and leading weekly worship.

    Most recently, I have been working for a large publishing company as a project manager for digital content. I oversee the process of creating small group teaching videos anddistributing those online to various retailers. I also develop and create audio Bible studiesfrom these teaching series. The content is used in churches throughout the world to communicate the good news of Jesus.I am excited to work with your church!

    I have an easy-going personality but I get things done and I pay attention to detail so things get done correctly and on time. I’m highly relational so I would look forward to getting to know you and your church on a more personal level. My goal would be to get to know you in order to communicate in ways that are authentic to who you are as a church. With my years of experience in communications and creative arts ministry, my desire to share thegoodness and love of Christ, and my relational leadership style, I think I would be a great fit for your church

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    Harper Collins Publishing
    Years Worked: 2023 - 2024

    Digital Content Project Manager
    – Manage the creation and flow of digital content (video and audio productions) for front list projects
    – Manage the schedule for creating digital content on time
    – Edit and proof digital content for accuracy, content, and artistic excellence
    – Communicate with in-house and contracted production companies to receive deliverables on time
    – Manage the archive for digital content, storing accurately for timely retrieval
    – Distribute digital content to online retailers for streaming and downloading
    – Distribute digital content to production facilities for physical production and distribution to retailers
    – Audio production for audio versions of video content
    – Graphic design for online retailers
    – Participate in production meetings with production team to keep projects on schedule

    First Evangelical Covenant Church
    Years Worked: 2002 - 2019

    Creative Director
    – Managed creative teams of musicians, audio/visual technicians, and those in guest services to produce and execute weekly live events
    – Technical Director and Audio/Visual director managing IT projects, providing help desk services, and managing audio/visual installations and maintenance
    – Managed the organization’s marketing including graphic design, video production, website design and maintenance, and social media management
    – Video production for presentations, promotions, live events, and social media
    – Graphic design for marketing, organizational announcements, social media, and live events
    – Managed digital marketing ad campaigns for events and promotions
    – Mentored organizational members in identifying and achieving person goals while utilizing their gifts to further the mission of the organization
    – Member of Executive Team giving direction to the overall trajectory of the organization

    Magic Room Music
    Years Worked: 2017 - 2024

    Music Production Label
    – Owner, project manager, and executive producer for recording studio and music label
    – Managed and mentored up and coming artists helping them to flourish and find fulfillment in their career path
    – Marketing manager for the music label, studio, and various artists including website design, graphic design, video creation, social media management, and email marketing
    – Managed digital marketing ad campaigns for new releases, concerts, and brand awareness
    – Produced, recorded, edited, mixed and mastered singles, EPs, and full length albums
    – Created and produced music for film, video, podcasts, and radio


    Hope Collage
    2009 - 2013 Years

    My Team’s Skills

    This list contains the skills that I can direct and produce using my internal Vibrant Agency media team.

    Social Media
    Photo Editing
    Paid Ads
    Email Marketing

    My Personal Skills

    This is a list of my personal skills and abilities, as ranked by Vibrant Agency.

    Social Media
    Photo Editing
    Paid Ads
    Email Marketing