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    Andrea Miyares

    Cape Coral, FL

    Years Experience

    I’m a seasoned creative professional with over 13 years of experience in marketing, brand design, and digital strategy. I have a proven track record of creating engaging content and impactful marketing strategies for both non-profit and for-profit organizations, and a passion for using my skills to serve in ministry.

    In my spare time, you can find me exploring the great outdoors with my husband, son, and our Portuguese Water Dog, Olive, or scouting out the next great taco truck to roll into town.

    I’m looking forward to leveraging my expertise in brand development, visual design, and multi-channel communications to enhance community engagement and impact for your church and the community you serve.

    Notable Previous Experience

    MetLife company logo


    My name is Andrea Miyares, and there is no greater calling on my heart than to use the skills and abilities the Lord has given me to further His kingdom through work in a ministry setting.

    Having worked in digital marketing and graphic design for over 13 years, I have a proven track record of excellence as a creative development leader and marketing strategist, and valuable expertise in effectively and efficiently executing multi-disciplinary marketing campaigns that I would be honored to put to use for your church community.

    My husband and I are active members of our church here in Cape Coral, FL, and I’ve served on the Worship Arts Teams at each church I’ve attended since childhood. Serving in volunteer roles such as musician, set design coordinator, children’s ministry planner, and community outreach facilitator throughout my church-going years has given me a well-rounded perspective of the many long-term needs and working pieces that an active and growing church entails.

    I love combining my professional passion for marketing with my love for serving the Church, and I am excited for the opportunity to use my skills and abilities to contribute to the growth and success of your church, as you strive to reach and serve more hearts for the kingdom of God.

    With my experience as a Marketing Director at Classical Christian Academy, I have honed my skills in developing and executing successful marketing and communications strategies. I have also managed a dedicated marketing team and supervised content creation to ensure brand consistency. In addition, I have experience revamping visual brand assets and executing events to enhance brand visibility.

    During my tenure as CEO and Lead Designer at Iconic Design Group, LLC, I worked closely with clients in developing and implementing brand strategies to increase their market visibility and authentically attract their target audience. I am confident that I can bring this level of excellence and creativity to your church ministry’s marketing and communications efforts, as well.

    I would be honored to utilize my experience in marketing, communications, graphic design, and brand strategy development, along with my passion for ministry, to partner with your church. I look forward to contributing my skills and expertise to help achieve your ministry’s goals and amplify the message of the Church.

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    Classical Christian Academy
    Years Worked: 2023 - 2024

    Marketing Director

    • Manage brand representation through the creation, approval, and implementation of
    promotional and communication materials, both digital and print.
    • Revamp visual brand assets including logo, color schemes, and other visual marks, aligning
    with the school’s identity and goals.
    • Develop and execute short-term and long-term marketing strategies, managing a dedicated
    marketing team and supervising content creation.
    • Plan and execute significant events, such as the 20th anniversary, enhancing bran

    Iconic Design Group
    Years Worked: 2017 - 2022

    Lead Design Director

    • Established a brand design business, focusing on creating distinctive brands for corporate
    and professional services sectors that attract premium clientele.
    • Provided a comprehensive suite of services encompassing graphic design, web design, and
    strategic brand consultation.
    • Assisted clients in developing and implementing brand strategies that effectively increased
    their market visibility and client acquisition.

    Years Worked: 2014 - 2017

    Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

    • Oversaw the creation and implementation of diverse marketing campaigns, utilizing tools
    such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, and developed personalized websites through a
    custom web platform.
    • Collaborated with both internal and external partners to deliver comprehensive multi-channel
    communications including direct mail, email, microsites, print ads, and more, specifically
    tailored for various audiences ranging from financial service groups to sales executives.
    • Contributed to the Digital Strategy, developing a responsive, multi-product digital platform
    that encompassed social media, email campaigns, online advertising, and mobile
    capabilities, while managing the daily development and customization of creative content for
    specific groups.

    The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
    Years Worked: 2010 - 2014

    Program Assistant for Marketing and Recruitment—Teaching Fellowships
    • Leveraged various social media platforms, resulting in a 170% increase in Facebook likes
    and 65% growth in Twitter followers over a span of one year while also establishing new
    social media accounts on Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.
    • Designed and implemented a successful “I teach STEM because…” marketing campaign for
    the recruitment season, including the creation of web and print ads for national publications,
    program brochures, and promotional materials.
    • Authored and edited a total of 23 newsletter articles and 27 press releases, managed public
    relations and media inquiries, and maintained three comprehensive databases for media and
    university STEM contacts.


    Butler University
    2006 - 2010 Years
    B.S. Arts Administration

    2015 Years
    Front End Web Developer Certification

    My Team’s Skills

    This list contains the skills that I can direct and produce using my internal Vibrant Agency media team.

    Social Media
    Photo Editing
    Paid Ads
    Email Marketing

    My Personal Skills

    This is a list of my personal skills and abilities, as ranked by Vibrant Agency.

    Social Media
    Photo Editing
    Paid Ads
    Email Marketing