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    Customer Journey Map Explained – Nonprofits and Churches

    Customer Journey Map Explained

    Understanding ministry marketing from a new perspective.

    When you are trying to build an effective marketing strategy for your nonprofit or church, you must understand the concept of a customer journey map. Not all marketing fits in the same box. Sometimes you are trying to sell a product, sometimes you are trying to build a brand…and sometimes you are trying to impact people with your ministry or nonprofit. Depending on your goal, the strategy must be built accordingly.

    Marketing Journey Map

    To get people to become an active member or follower of your ministry or nonprofit, you have to understand that people will need to go on a journey…a step by step journey that takes them on the path towards your desired goal. It is way too big of an ask to get someone to just decide to follow Jesus, or to be a donor of a nonprofit….when they don’t even know if they like you or trust you. Map out a practical way for someone to go from not knowing anything about your organization….all the way to being an active member and follower. There are likely 4-10 steps in-between. Maybe it is watching a video, or downloading a free resource, or signing up for a webinar….there are plenty of strategic ways that you can resource people, and move them along in the journey. Don’t just view marketing as linear, but as a journey.

    Meet Ross Turner

    I’m Ross Turner, I am the owner and founder of Vibrant Agency and Vibrant Branding, which are industry leading marketing and communications company for christian churches (Vibrant Agency) and non-profits (Vibrant Branding). I have a passion for helping ministry and business leaders learn to follow God’s call for their organization, and also provide marketing and business tips that have worked for the thousands of organizations that I have helped over the years. I have over 13 years in marketing, leadership, and christian ministry. But most importantly, I believe that God is the one who brings growth, innovation, and blessings. We just get to play our part along the way. If you would like to contact me, or learn more about me, please visit me online at any of these locations: Instagram: @Ross.Turner.Official Vibrant Agency Website: Vibrant Branding Website: Facebook: TikTok: @Ross.Turner.Official And, if you ever need to reach out directly, please feel free to contact me at: